Agam's Webby Kubernesis

This is intended to be a very basic one-pager on me, a sort of index to the shards of my online "presence" (I may add more to this later, but I probably won't).

Google+ didn't turn out to be quite the promising solution it was meant to be, but I still share a bit there (never more than a link a day!).

I've recently started using Twitter, though very hesistantly.

I have a Facebook account that I've lost the password to, but I'll have to log in soon to see my daughter's pics.

Ello seemed like a great compromise between Twitter and Tumblr and a Blog, but eventually the fixed-width-ness gets old, so I don't use it anymore.

I have a GitHub blog, which I infrequently update, mostly to satisfy some coding itch.

Tumblr is the one place that's clicked for me, maybe because I have a very limited, atypical use for it: posting snippets.

In yet another attempt to find something that works, I (barely) have a Wordpress Blog that I'm hoping will be a "non-social-network" place to write stuff, but we'll see.

(I'm sure I missed a few here ...)

Finally, I obviously have an email address (agam DOT brahma AT gmail DOT com)